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We have undertaken over 80 projects on behalf of GoC clients which drive value from risk management, planning and performance management.  The projects which have been undertaken have been varied, but have included those involving:

*        Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) – 31 years of uninterrupted involvement with ERM implementations aligned with the ISO 31000 standard as well as the predecessor AuS/ NZ 4360 as well as the unnecessarily-complex COSO ERM model.

*        Integrated Risk Management (“IRM”)/ the application of the TBS the Framework for the Management of Risk – 15 years of uninterrupted involvement with IRM implementations.

*        Threat and Risk Assessment.

*        Ethical Risk Assessments.

*        Integrated Business Planning/ Agency Operational Planning.

*        Corporate Planning.

*        Risk assessment workshops/ risk voting – with and without enabling technologies, often involving the Modified Delphi Technique.

*        The application and use of audience response systems to quantify and qualify the likelihood and impact of risks, levels of risk tolerances, etc. as well as to numerically assess relative priorities – as in the setting of workforce allocations, budgeting exercises, program evaluations, investment planning, inspection resource allocations, etc.

*        Corporate Risk Profile Development.

*        Concept of Operations (“COO”) for Integrated Risk Management.

*        Parliamentary Reporting/ Report on Plans and Priorities (“RPP”)/ Departmental Performance Review (“DPR”) development.

*        Support/ advancement of Mid-year review processes (“MYR”), pertaining to Integrated Risk Management.

*        Investment Planning, including but not limited to the risk assessment/ risk management aspects thereof.

*        Emergency Management Planning.

*        Program Evaluations/ Project/ Evaluations

*        Business Impact Assessments.

*        Capability-Based Planning.

*        Risk-Based Internal Audits.

*        Audit Readiness Assessments.

*        Performance Measurement Frameworks/ Performance Management.

*        Conventional Management Accountability Framework (MAF) reporting.

*        Program adjustments to meet pending requirements for Results-based Management/ the next generation Management Accountability Framework (“MAF 2.0”)

*        Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/ Anti-Terrorist Financing (ATF) Analysis and Reporting

*        Public Safety and Security.

*        International Trade/ Export Facilitation.

*        Physical Security Arrangement Examinations.

*        Program Assessments/ Program Reviews.

*        Business Realignment Studies.

*        Cost-Benefit Analysis & Regulatory Impact Analysis.

*        Cost Risk Identification, Cost Risk Analysis and Cost Risk Reporting.

*        Organizational Development/ Change Management.

*        Training and Facilitation


We advocate for two principles in our work, undertaken on behalf of GoC clients:

1.     Risk management, planning and performance management should not be seen as separate domains, but must be aligned and integrated to add-value and drive results, and

2.     Risk information has no value on its own, but only gains value through its use - to support decision-making and advance activities and actions directed toward core goal attainment.

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