Focus on qualifications:

All significant risk management and insurance audits, undertaken by Impact Consulting, are performed by its founder and principal, Keith N. Murchison. Notably, he:

·         benefits from strong academic credentials (including a B.Comm in operations research and marketing, together with an MBA international finance and international business and management technology).

·         received formal risk management training, under the aegis of the U.S.-based Risk and Insurance Management Society ("RIMS")

·         benefits from 25 years’ business experience.

·         served as an Export Finance Officer with Export Development Canada.

·         served as export risk manager with Nortel Networks

·         served as International and Corporate Risk Manager with Bell Canada International.

·         served as AVP Export Credits and Political Risks with a Lloyd's of London insurance brokerage.

·         attained an insurance broker's license "RIBO" with the province of Ontario

·         served as Vice President with the Canada's Capital Chapter of the Risk and Insurance Management Society

·         understands the organizational dynamics of both private and public sector entities -- and is fully equipped to draw meaningful insights from the risk management survey/interview process

Impact Consulting

Internal Audit and Risk Management Services

Impact Consulting has had experience with conducting project risk assessments, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Integrated Risk Management Framework (IRMF)-based audits and reviews, risk and control assessments, privacy compliance assessments, as well as the provision of other strategic risk advisory services.

Our areas of specialization include:

We are qualified to assist public and private sector clients to meet compliance standards associated with the Management Accountability Framework, the AS/ NZ 4360 and/ or COSO Enterprise Risk Management regimes, federal and provincial privacy legislation, the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles and European and US regulations pertaining to the value chain traceability/ tracking of food products.

Impact Consulting also frequently performs reviews of the insurance portfolios maintained by our clients, but notably, this service is only offered to those who have recently had the benefit of a more broadly-based risk management audit (given that insurance, at best, only serves as a partial solution to risk -- after other more significant risk management tools have been applied to the task).

Impact Consulting is especially qualified to undertake risk and insurance audits of the export portfolios of Canadian enterprises. We often determine that this is one area where risk and insurance management tools can be employed as a "sword rather than a shield" -- allowing a given firm to leverage additional export sales (without undue risk), bring forward the dates of recognizing export income, strengthen banking lines, etc.


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